Monday, 6 February 2012

AwsClic Description and reviews

AwsClic Description and details

AwsClic Description .We are a URL shortening service that allows you to get paid when you share your links on the Internet!
Just register and create an account and start running your liens.Vous get paid for every person who visits your URL.
AwsClic allows you to earn money from visitors you get on your links, is a free and easy to use allowing you to earn money easily without effort. 
You create your links AwsClic, you share with your friends and you earn money every time a person spends on your links AwsClic.


Commission Type:  URL shortening
Minimum Payment:  € 5 in Paypal and AlertPay
Payment Frequency:  Request
Payment Method: Paypal,Cheque,AlertPay.Virement
Country: FR
Contact: Telephone:   N/A
Email:              contact(@)


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