Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Globalis Media Review and details

Globalis Media Description and details

Globalis Media Description  . Globalis Media is a global online media network that provides unique, cost-efficient, value-added online media solutions.  We provide media for virtually every country and language.
Globalis Media provides state of the art, value-added online media solutions, for advertisers and publishers, in virtually every country and language.
Globalis also operates a truly global online media network consisting of approximately 75,000 affiliated Web sites worldwide. 
Globalis combines world-class technology with industry best practices, experience, and expertise to achieve huge cost savings for advertisers.
Advertisers are usually amazed at the cost savings we achieve for them.
Our cost-effective advertising is largely due to our precision targeting capabilities, including targeting by country, language, behavior, contextual category,
day of week and time of day, etc.  In many countries, we can target by state, province, prefecture, or metro area.

We are experts in retargeting to advertisers’ past site visitors, and retargeting is one of our most popular services.One of the major benefits Globalis Media brings to agencies and advertisers is that we don’t sell the same “commoditized” media that is available to all advertisers in their market.  We offer unique, value-added media solutins, with the objective of providing superior ROI to advertisers. 

More Details

Commission Type: CPC, CPM,POP
Minimum Payment: N/A
Payment Frequency: N/A
Payment Method: Paypal,Cheque
Country: US
Contact: Telephone:  (1) 858-952-1113




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