Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Innity adNetwork Review and details

Innity adNetwork Description and details

Innity adNetwork Description

http://www.innity.com/ . Established in 1999, Innity is the leading provider of interactive online marketing platforms and technologies for advertisers and publishers. Innity has a strong foothold in the South East Asian market with offices spread across Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam and is currently expanding to other countries within the region. Our company’s network spans over 10,000 websites, including major newspaper portals and premier sites in more than 16 content interest channels such as technology, lifestyle, automotive, business and entertainment. Innity’s solutions provide a combination of the best features of rich media and performance based marketing catering to some of the world’s largest brands and advertising agencies offering a variety of engagement based advertising formats and innovative payment models.
Innity is committed in exploring online marketing opportunities through our versatile combination of online media proficiency, industry clout, cutting-edge technology as well as sophisticated modeling and analytical tools. Innity is also the first and only fully transparent ad serving system in Southeast Asia that is IAB certified.

More Details

Commission Type: CPC,CPM,CPA,CPE
Minimum Payment: $ 20
Payment Frequency: NET 45
Payment Method: Check, Paypal, Moneybookers
Country: Malaysia
Contact: Telephone:  +603-7880 562
Email:                sales@innity.com
Link:            http://www.innity.com


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